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Are you looking for natural pain relief remedies for muscular aches and pains, sports injuries?

Do you need to relieve stress in your life? Do you have trouble with depression, emotional, mental or PTDS symptoms, difficulty sleeping or need help resolving spiritual issues?

Essential oil healing remedies can greatly improve the quality of your life by aiding in stress reduction, offer natural pain and inflammation relief, and promote sleep. They can also uplift the psyche and spirit, supporting a positive outlook on life that can help break depressive cycles, and bring forth long lasting change.

Science supports the observation of a vital connection between scents and the emotions. Precise olfactory receptors inside the nose receive sensory stimuli whether or not we are consciously aware of them, and these stimuli trigger electrochemical signals via neurons to the brain’s limbic system and the amygdala, our emotional memory center. Some studies show the amygdala acts as the storehouse of traumas and contains the densest concentration of neuropeptides – the neurotransmitters that act in emotional signals. This high concentration of neuropeptides can affect cellular memory: The amygdala receives incoming scent information before the higher brain centers, and activates the autonomic nervous system in response to either pleasant or traumatic memories before any information reaches the decision-making cortex. Smell can be used to help heal traumatic memories stored in the brain center, organs, cells and tissue of the body.

Marilyn Boerner is a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist, Natural Perfumer, and Product Formulator with over 14 years of experience.

Initial Consultation 1.5 Hours

Price $55.00

Your consultation will include a health/fragrance assessment and customized oil blends designed specifically for you.

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