It was our dream to create a perfume blending bar and aromatherapy healing room in Port Angeles for many years. Our dream has now become a reality!

We carry a full line of 100% natural essential oils imported from countries all around the world and a large selection of lab created fragrance oils.

Some may wonder why we carry both natural and lab created fragrances. We created our business dedicated to only all natural scents in 2001, however, over the years we have also encountered many individuals who prefer the aroma of lab created fragrance oils which can also be beneficial to promote peace of mind, alleviate the blues or lift your spirits. However, fragrance oils do not have the other therapeutic benefits of genuine essential oils.

Making a perfume is a creative journey and we have thus opened the door to work with both mediums with great success!

Our Create Your Scent Perfume Blending Bar and Aromatherapy Healing Room are a subsidiary of Victorie Inc. The President of Victorie Inc., Marilyn Boerner, is a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist, perfumer, and product formulator. Victorie Inc. has been providing massage therapists, doctors, aromatherapists and natural perfumers high quality essential oils, bottles, and aromatherapy products since 2001.